Fasting Bread

Are you interested in prayer and fasting? Remember when Jesus told his disciples that certain demons can only be expelled by nothing other than prayer and fasting? (See Mark 9:13-28) I hope this post can get you excited to join in on "pray-fast" club!

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Divine Mercy Sunday

What a wonderful time of the year!! Happy Easter everyone!!! There is not a better way to end the octave of Easter than with Divine Mercy Sunday. Have you heard of it? If not, I know some awesome people who explain it better than I could ever dream. Check 'em out! Divine Mercy - How... Continue Reading →

Handmade Crocheted Rosary Pouch

*UPDATE! Im pumped to say the Rosary pouch has been sold! Leave a comment or reach out to me on Instagram if you are interested in more.* I am excited to say that this evening I crocheted a sweet little Rosary pouch while watching a movie with my family. Funny enough, this design was inspired... Continue Reading →

Rosary Pumpkin

Looking for a fun fall Catholic craft? Check out how I made the Rosary pumpkin to celebrate the month of October, which is the month of the Holy Rosary.

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