Becoming Catholic??? Yes, every day.

“Be not afraid.” – St. Pope JPII

Hi there, my name is Michelle. Here I am ready to share my journey, as every day I strive to become closer to Jesus. And to become as close to Him as possible, I strive to become Catholic.

Why I want you to accompany me on our journey towards Heaven:

  • We are not meant to be alone! I am striving to build a community, day by day. As I learn how to navigate a new website and build a community, I want to help you connect not only with me but also with others. I’ve come to realize that we aren’t building a strong relationship in this way initially…but my goal is to hopefully share with you somehow in relatable experiences and activities.
  • Each of us is called to be a Saint! I want to share encouragement and ideas on how to choose Love every day.

Topics I plan to cover:

  • Basics of Catholicism
  • Conversion stories
  • Consolation stories
  • Catholic baking
  • Catholic crafts
  • Marian Consecration
  • Inspiration from the Saints
  • Discerning vocations

I think these are a few of the topics that will emerge as I live and share my Catholic journey.

The best tags for my posts and website include: Catholic, Roman Catholicism, Jesus Christ, Baking, Crafts, Catholic Convert, Marian Consecration, Saints

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