Praying with Scripture

I was thinking about the upcoming Sunday Scriptures after reading them. I want to share how they have touched my heart.

In a way, the reading from Mark seems to correlate with the reading from Deuteronomy. The main point I got was that there is a person who is part of the congregation of those seeking God, and the person is not true. In the case of Deuteronomy, Moses warns of arrogant prophets. In the first chapter of St. Mark, it is a demon within a person at the synagogue. This demon-possessed person was INSIDE the synagogue, amongst the people! I sense this undertone reminder of being cautious and discerning the voices of those whom I might be inclined to trust or even the voices in my mind. Do these voices or people invoke fear of any sort? I need to always ask this question.

Moses reminds me to listen to Jesus, the Prophet he was foretelling of. And the Psalm reminds me to not harden my heart, but to come into God’s presence. And St. Paul reminds me to adhere to the Lord without distraction. And St. Mark’s Gospel reminds me of what Jesus does when I do come to him and listen to his voice. He casts out the demons and fear-filled voices.

I was recently inspired by someone on the best way to know God‘s voice for sure. It is by reading the Holy Scripture and praying with it. She reminded me that the Devil will try to even penetrate my prayers. Praying with the Scripture is safest because it is God’s Holy Word that I am focusing on.

So my main take away is this: when I am near Jesus, by drawing myself to his Word, he will cast out the voices of the evil one. I will strive this week to pray more with Holy Scripture. My specific goal will be to read the Scripture passages and entire chapters associated with each of the Mysteries of the Rosary when I pray it.

Thanks for keeping me accountable, and blessings!

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  1. Beautifully said! I love your heart and the way you so humbly see yourself and the world around you. You’re such an amazing example for me. ❤️

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